UPDATE (5/13/2010):
Since we decided on the beach, I'm posting this here. I've been getting emails from the realty company, and wanted to share the information:
The Beaches are Beautiful, Still No Signs of Oil, and Kaiser has NOT changed our Policies…
It looks like the beaches are ok for now, and when they start seeing damage, there will be an "immediate response to clean the beaches for your enjoyment." Could just be legalese, or could mean something. Anyway, they provided a link to to check for updates.

We've had much success at beach locations over the years.


  • Lots of choices of things to do
  • Lots of family sports choices
  • Generally popular with most family
  • Tradition! - Noah


  • We haven't tried anything else
  • Can get pretty hot and uncomfortable sometimes

If you find anything online that looks promising for places to stay.
Fort Morgan house (sleeps 19) -Noah
Looks interesting. -Rob
Fort Morgan Duplex (can rent both sides)
Gulf Shores Duplex (one side) and Gulf Shores Duplex (other side) (kinda pricey, but might be able to work out a deal for both sides?)
Seacrest, FL House--can rent carriage house "Sandy Feat" with it
Fort Morgan Duplex
check these out and let me know what y'all think. I'm getting a little tired of looking at all the options, so a little help would be greatly appreciated if none of these seem to fit what we're looking for. Please comment—Rynnie
A few more…
Gulf Shores House with private pool
Gulf Shores House with private pool


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